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Approved by the NCAA-NCAA/ATO/AA/029

Begin your Aviation career with Aviatrix Hub

If you are presently interested in joining the aviation industry, then look no further as Aviatrix Hub has come to the rescue, We have various certified approved courses.

By the time you get to the end of this page, you will be convinced without a doubt on why we are the current best choice to train you on any of the professional courses discussed on this page. 

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Our Current List Of Courses

Below are a list of all our current professional courses.

Tourism and Hospitality Management Course: This professional course typically covers topics related to the tourism and hospitality industry, including hospitality management, tourism marketing, customer service, event management, hotel operations, and sustainable tourism practices.

As a student you will learn about the various sectors within the industry, such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, and attractions.

you would also gain practical skills in areas like customer relations, communication, and problem-solving, preparing you for a bountiful career in any of the following; hotels, resorts, travel agencies, event planning companies, and other related businesses.

Customer Service Course: This Professional course focuses on developing skills and strategies for providing excellent customer service across various industries.

As a student you will learn techniques for effective communication, handling customer inquiries and complaints, building rapport, and exceeding customer expectations.

The course may also cover topics such as conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and service recovery.

By mastering these skills, you can pursue careers in retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking, telecommunications, and other sectors where customer interactions are crucial.

Airline Ticketing and Hotel Reservation Course: This professional course trains individuals in the process of issuing airline tickets, managing reservations, and understanding airline fare structures and regulations.

As a Student you will learn to use computer reservation systems (CRS) or global distribution systems (GDS) to book flights, process payments, and provide travel-related information to customers.

Additionally, they may learn about airline policies, ticketing procedures, airport codes, and industry standards. This course prepares students for careers as airline ticketing agents, travel consultants, reservation agents, or airline customer service representatives.

Airport Protocol Service and Passenger Logistics Course: This professional course focuses on the procedures, regulations, and protocols followed at airports to ensure smooth operations and passenger safety.

Topics covered may include airport security measures, check-in procedures, baggage handling, passenger boarding, immigration and customs regulations, and emergency protocols.

Students learn about the roles and responsibilities of various airport personnel, including security personnel, airline staff, ground handling agents, and immigration officers.

This course is valuable for individuals seeking employment in airport management, aviation security, customs and immigration, or airline operations.

Aviation Security Course: This Professional course covers the principles and practices of aviation security to prevent acts of unlawful interference, such as terrorism, hijacking, and sabotage.

As a students you will learn about the regulatory frameworks governing aviation security, risk assessment methods, security screening procedures, threat detection technologies, emergency response protocols, and crisis management strategies.

you would also study international aviation security standards set by organizations like the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and national aviation authorities.

As a Graduate of this course you can pursue careers as an aviation security officer, airport security manager, transportation security specialist, or consultant in the aviation industry.

NOTE- Each of these courses will come with their own NCAA approved certificates.

Why Choose Us?

First of all our institute’s location has a strategic learning advantage, we are located right at the heart of aviation itself. 

Our institute is located at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport road Lagos, near runway 36 L.

From Aviatrix Hub you can see a firsthand view of the Jumbo jets taking off and landing. this way you are closer to where the aviation experience actually takes place.

The interior view of Aviatrix Hub will surely blow your mind; from the moment you step into the premises to your entrance into the classes it’s only a feeling that you can describe from experience. 

The hallway of the institute is a miniature replica of the longest runway in Nigeria, runway 18R of Murtala Mohammed International airport. Seeing this runway acts as a trigger to remind you that you can fly from here to anywhere in the world.

Our classes are suitably designed for learning with diagrams of the aircraft cockpit and charts pinned on the walls, at Aviatrix Hub we believe solely in visual training aids. The use of this visual training aids reinforces the things taught in class into your mind.

Video view of our training center

Our Instructors and Teaching System

Our strongest boast is in our teaching system and instructors. 

As much as we want to train you as cabin crew, we more than anything want to infuse the passion and confidence of a professional cabin crew member into the core of your soul, so that from the moment you start working in the airlines, your colleagues will see a clear difference in your attitude and professionalism towards every flight.

Our instructors are heavily experienced and have spent years serving for both local and international flights.

One of our most decorated instructors is our head instructor Aduak Edet Effiong, a seasoned professional in the travel and tourism industry. With a career spanning over two decades, Aduak has left an indelible mark in prestigious establishments such as Vinoglad Travels and Tours Limited, Aero Contractor Airline, and Limited.

As your instructor, he will be bringing in a wealth of experience and expertise garnered from his journey in the industry. From his adeptness in flight information dissemination to his proficiency in GDS systems, he ensures that you will receive top-notch training tailored to industry standards.

Rest assured, with Mr Aduak Edet Affiong leading your class, you’re in the best of hands, poised to embark on a journey of excellence in travel and tourism.

Other qualified instructors will also be available to train you and instill in you the professionalism required to be ahead in the industry

Aduak Edet Effiong, Lead Professional Courses Instructor
Aduak Edet Effiong, Lead Professional Courses Instructor

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Start Your Aviation Journey With Us

Our Registration Process,

To start out your enrollment process, you would be required to purchase our form of N2,000 only. Once you pay for your form then you will be enrolled to start your classes.

Job Placements,

Now, onto the main burning question: Will I get a job once I’m done with my training?

If you decide to train with us, there is a good possibility of you securing a job upon completion of your training.

Why? Aviatrix Hub is an aviation school founded by highly connected aviation experts whose vision is to train the passionate and transform them into the best.

We aim to have the cream of the crop working in the airlines. Aviatrix Hub strives to train you to become the best of the best.

Upon completion of training with us, you will be added to our job pool, meaning our students will be given the highest priority when any job slots become available.

Therefore, the main question you should ask yourself is, “Am I truly passionate about working in this industry?” If your answer to this question is YES, then getting a job is just a matter of time.

The first and most crucial step is to complete your training and obtain your license. Once that is accomplished, you will be able to seize any opportunity that arises.


Are you living far away from our training center? If you are then you can request for accomodation.

Accomodation discussions will be handled with you when you visit our training center.

Take Action,

Aviation is an exhilarating career path, yet it is far from easy.

Choosing to enroll at Aviatrix Hub will profoundly alter the course of your life.

Once you’re here, we will rigorously train you, with intensive study sessions and hands-on practical exercises. We will instill the discipline of the profession deep into your soul. Therefore, if you’re not truly passionate about this path, Aviatrix Hub may not be the right fit for you.

However, if this is your true calling, then with dedication, it will inevitably become yours.

If you’re interested in joining any of our upcoming class batches, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us via whatsapp by clicking on the button below.

Please note that if you prefer to contact us by phone call, you may do so by calling the number provided below between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.



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