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Why this Course?

We offer you a basic foundational knowledge of Flight Dispatch.

This course was created to help you get comfortable with flight dispatch before you actually begin your basic flight dispatch program.

This course will give you a confident outlook on flight dispatch so that by the time you begin classes your mind would have been adequately prepared.

What you will Learn?

What you will Learn?

In this course you will be introduced to the basic pillars of the profession such as

You will also be showed how Ground pilots work in real time.

Exclusive Access

You will also be given access to the following

You will always be updated about important information such as live webinars, tutorials and aviation news. This way you will always be up to date with the happenings in the industry.

Once you are done with your course, you will have access to write an online exam that gives you a certificate when you pass.

The “Introduction to Flight Dispatch” course certificate is the most important requirement for registration at the Aviatrix Hub training center without this certificate, you won’t be able to register at the training center

Your Instructor

Your Instructor

Victoria Jumoke Adegbe

Your Instructor for this course is none other than aviation veteran ground pilot Victoria J. Adegbe.

The lessons as you will soon get to experience are packed with her years of active work in the field.

You will be able to feel and experience the rich touch of her knowledge in Ground Piloting.

This alone will keep you fixated and begging for more.

Not only is she an excellent teacher in her field of expertise, she is also fully qualified as a ground piloting instructor from the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States which very few in the industry can boast of.

Below are some of the testimonials and personal opinions of Flight Dispatchers (Ground Pilots) she has trained so far, many of which are actively working in the aviation industry at the moment.

Student Testimonials

Victoria J. Adegbe has trained various students over the years, many of who are working in the Industry at the moment, here is what they had to say about her.

Mieinyie Jaja

Emmanuel Adekunle Oluwaseun

Mary Esemokhai

Samuel Okogwu

Jite Anomi

Ibom Air Ground Pilots

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More Student Testimonials

These Testimonials are from Ibom Air Airline’s Ground Pilots who were trained by

Flight Dispatcher Victoria J. Adegbe

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Dan Edikan

Being here right now as a licensed flight dispatcher honestly didn’t start off as rosy as you’d imagine.

I remember walking into a class filled with 7 other strangers and me making it 8.

I remember our first instructor; Going through the phases, I kept doubting myself, could I do this, why didn’t I apply to become a customer service representative……

We got through the advanced stage and then came the first lady I had seen in dispatch, her name’s Mrs.Victoria a.k.a (the I got my license lady☺️, a really lovely and lively lady) and I was stunned( I said to myself “if she could do it, I can”).

It was unbelievably difficult (the learning stage), but we eventually got through it all. Mrs.Victoria to me played a huge role than I would have believed or more than anyone would have thought to me…

She was the first person I’d run to when things weren’t going as planned.

After my first NCAA exam, I scored below the mark and I called her in pains and she calmed me down and said to me you’d score 86 on your next attempt and I laughed, but best believe I did score 86 on my next attempt and I was amazed.

She might not know this but I think very highly of her in the world of dispatchers…

Thanks for everything you and the team did for me, I’ll forever be grateful.

andy 2

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Andikan Afia

I consider myself lucky to have had Mrs Victoria Adegbe as one of my tutors during my Flight Dispatch advanced course program.

I was immediately impressed at her style and approach to teaching and learning.

Her willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while also listening are invaluable. I was free to express my opinions and ideas, she taught as though we her children.

She helped me become a better version of myself rather than mold and shape me into her own perspective.

She taught with love, kindness and passion. She is super nice and supportive.

Victoria Adegbe is a great mentor, I count myself priviledged to have learnt from her and would recommend her to any flight dispatcher.

PS: if you search google for flight dispatchers uniform, you’d see her image. Pretty cool stuff


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Abasiama Toby

Hi,my name is Abasiama Toby.

Now, I am a licensed flight dispatcher.

This was possible through the help of good instructors like Mrs Victoria Adegbe.

Her class was very interactive.

She prepared me for my NCAA flight dispatcher Exams. She motivated me.

I remember before the exams, she told me to touch her license and she prayed for me.

She made me believe it is possible. She literally took the exams Fever away.

She is the author of Dispatch made Easy.

Truly, she made my advanced flight dispatcher course so easy to assimilate.

Thank you Mrs Victoria Adegbe.

Sampson Nyebuk Inyang

Learning under Mrs. Victoria Adegbe was really simple.

She is a real definition of work “smart not hard”.

She taught with simplicity and style.

Being groom by her, has made me feel like an aircraft dispatcher with 20years plus experience.

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Even More Testimonials…

Would you like to know more about Victoria J. Adegbe through her other students? if you do, then keep reading

Raymond Okon

Albert Einstein quipped ” It is the supreme art of a teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” That is exactly how you taught me in particular.

Everyday the enthusiasm with which you entered the class and exposed us to the world of practical dispatch, we could not help but be filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Your energy is so contagious, and I believe it to be one of the best aspects of your teaching style.

You are driven with such a passion and love for what you do that you inspired me greatly.

You did not only teach me Air Traffic Management but you also taught me how to be an excellent Flight Dispatcher.

My experience with you throughout the training period was incredibly eye opening and life changing.

Your dedication to each one of us, your love and patience to each and every one of our problems, was remarkable.

This has allowed me to find so much depth in my work.

I just want to say thank you for teaching and supporting me! 

In Every class we had, you were so persistent in taking me in particular beyond satisfactory and striving for excellence in my ATM in a short space of time.

I wish you all the best and if I need any help or advice in regards to Flight Dispatch you’ll be the first I contact! Thank you!

You are simply great at what you do.

Olajide Ibukun

Dear Ma, It was an honour being taught by an instructor like
you, a person that is fully dedicated to her work. Your dedication, hard work and passion for impacting knowledge is unmatchable.

You made Flight dispatch courses/modules that seemed tough so easy to understand, particularly Mass & Balance and Aircraft

What I loved most is the interactive sessions and the part
where you make every student make a presentation to the class.

It was a different but easier way of learning and this way I remember almost everything from your classroom teachings.

I’ll really like to appreciate you for all the tireless efforts you put into involving all your students and ensuring no one is left behind.

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey to being a
Flight Dispatcher, best regards ma.

Ursula Baulch

Mrs Victoria Adegbe is a true professional and has passion for aviation….. Her passion along with her commitment to her students, gives you the tools you need to learn How To Be A Good Licensed Flight Dispatcher.

Within minutes of meeting her, it’s obvious that Victoria loves aviation, teaching others what she knows, learning new skills and techniques, developing training concepts and promoting safety.

Victoria is not only a truly gifted licensed flight dispatcher and instructor but she is a wonderful teacher.

Thanks to Mrs Victoria Adegbe, I am not only a flight dispatcher but a much more competent and confident flight dispatcher.

Ima-Obong Udo

I remember how it was when I started learning about Flight Dispatch, initially it seemed difficult, I used to imagine finishing the initial training and getting my license.

We had series of male instructors during our Basic Training classes, then, during our Advanced Training Classes, a female instructor came, and wow, my hope hiked, she is Mrs. Victoria Adegbe. She became a motivation and a coach to me, She had a special way of daring us to achieve the goal.

One day she said “I’ve got my license,” that statement placed me on a go, and I told myself, I have only one option as long as this course is concerned; to get the Flight Dispatcher License.

And yes, I passed the exams well, and I got my license.

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More Student Testimonials

Ezinne Nwosu Igwe

First, I just want to say thank you for having a great dispatch program under your tutelage, it certainly was not easy easy but I gained a lot of new knowledge and feel prepared for whatever future dispatch endeavour.

Being instructed by Mrs Victoria Adegbe is so incredible and very apparent why everyone speaks highly of her instructing/ impacting a good knowledge of dispatch, the book dispatch made easy is not left out, it so nice because every thing about dispatch is detailed in the book.

Thank you

Fope Adeoye

Hmmm,where do I begin? In the midst of guys I met myself undergoing the training to be a Flight dispatcher… It was quite challenging for me then came Madam Victoria… OMG,she was the angel sent from above to make me stronger, more focused and determined for more…

Most times I always admired her wondering how she was able to achieve this much becoming an all round Icon.

Mrs Victoria is not just an instructor but she is called to make you pursue achieving greater heights and pursue more goals having in mind that with God determination and hardwork there’s no height you can’t achieve even as a woman(She’s got the real vibe). Thanks so much for coming my path Ma.

I really appreciate the impact you made in my life and my Aviation Career. 

Keep soaring higher and higher still

David Kalalo

Dear Mrs Vee, Thank you for inspiring, caring, listening, guiding and shaping my dream to be a Flight Dispatch come to pass. I would want you to know that you are without a doubt, pretty much THE BEST INSTRUCTOR i have come across.

I feel blessed to have been instructed by you. I promise never too let you down. 

Thanks once again (mum) AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Mary Esemokhai

It’s been a wonderful journey with Mrs Victoria Adegbe,coming to dispatch training she was my source of inspiration and mentor..

She defined dispatch to me in different dimensions, her passion and enthusiasm towards dispatch was an inspiration for me.. 

One of the memories I never forgot was when I had almost given up, I picked up my phone and called her..

She told me the journey was never going to be easy and that should be a motivating factor that should push and encourage me to greatness..

Watching her deliver knowledge was a joy for me, her charisma, her energy, her passion for Aviation was just the key..

Thank you for believing in me and being a great source of empowerment…

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Even More Testimonials…

Harry Eze

It was a privilege to have Mrs. Victoria Adegbe as one of my instructors during my training.

Unlike many others, she didn’t just teach us to pass NCAA exams but prepared us for what we could face while dispatching flights by sharing several real life experiences

Samson Arogundade

Mrs Victoria Adegbe,
Thanks for your words of assurance and encouragement it means a lot to us.

With your words whenever you’re with us, you have become an HERO and a MENTOR to almost all of us (I’m number 1).
You a true child of God, beautiful, tall, caring with good manner ( though don’t take shit) and I can see it in all you do.

Good to know you, work with you and be under your lectures to learn from your vast knowledge and experience.

Our Spirits are high and we have no doubt that with your type of person around us we will Excel in this world of ours (The Aviation Industry).

You are the best.

Thanks the most beautiful, and caring instructor.


Taiwo Maruff Isiaka

A highly knowledgeable, outstanding and brilliant instructor in the person of Mrs Victoria Adegbe, this instructor’s impact on me personally was super commendable.

you are but a woman of exceptional valor!

Oluwaseun Akilo

Learning came as a different experience with Mrs. Victoria.

She was an Instructor during my flight dispatch training and for the fact that she could relate every single topic of discussion to everyday life events and scenarios made her class an exciting one to attend.

She is a dedicated and resourceful tutor

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